Arora Spa&Beauty ~ Optimum Luxury Hotel

Arora Spa&Beauty is a modern and luxurious spa center located within the Optimum Luxury Hotel in Lara, Antalya. Our center offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where visitors can feel special and pampered.

Our indoor pool provides guests with swimming pleasure and relaxation all year round. Other facilities in our spa section include a sauna, steam room, massage, and beauty therapies.

Arora Spa&Beauty aims to satisfy our visitors with quality and luxurious service. In our specially designed modern and stylish facility for guests to feel comfortable, our professional and experienced staff offers personalized service to visitors.

All therapies and services in our center are provided according to high-quality standards, and our guests' satisfaction is always our priority. Located in Lara, Antalya, Optimum Luxury Hotel offers an ideal accommodation experience for both holiday and business travel.

What services are offered at Arora Spa&Beauty?

At our center, we offer a variety of services including an indoor pool, sauna, steam room, massage, and beauty therapies. More detailed information about our services is available on our website.

What are the working hours of Arora Spa&Beauty?

Our center is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00. Additionally, special reservations can be made upon request.

Does Arora Spa&Beauty offer massage services?

Yes, we offer massage services at our center. Our professional massage therapists provide personalized massage therapies to our visitors and help them relax.

Where is Arora Spa&Beauty located?

Arora Spa&Beauty is a spa and beauty center located in Optimum Luxury Hotel in the Lara region of Antalya. You can find the exact address and location of our center on the contact page of our website.

Does Arora Spa&Beauty offer any special events or packages?

Yes, we regularly offer special events and discounted packages at our center. For more information on these events and packages, please visit our website.

Is reservation required at Arora Spa&Beauty?

Yes, it is necessary to make a reservation in advance to receive services at our center. You can fill out the reservation form on our website or contact us directly to make a reservation.

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